Emissions in Maricopa County, AZ News Update


Elimination of Emissions on motorcycles  - Maricopa+ Counties

updated as of 3-19-13


The process of the elimination of yearly emissions on motorcycles in Maricopa+ counties (Area A), is in its final stages. The Federal Registry will be ‘posting’ the EPA approved rule, any day now.


Exactly 60 days from that ‘posting’, there should no longer be an emissions requirement printed on your motorcycle registration.


Following are numerous websites you can go to get current updates, the posting of the exact date that motorcycle emissions will be officially ending, and what to do if your registration still shows a requirement for emissions after that date.


Arizona Rider Motorcycle News – www.AZRiderSouthwest.com


Biker Information Guide – www.BikerInformationGuide.com


Ride Arizona – www.RideArizona.net


Raza Rider Magazine – www.RazaRiderMagazine.com


Phoenix Sportbike Magazine – www.PhoenixSportbike.com


MMA of Arizona - www.mma-az.org


ABATE of Arizona – www.abateofaz.org


ACMC – www.azcmc.org


If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact

Bobbi Hartmann at 602-672-3531 or bobbij2@earthlink.net.

posted in 4/2013 edition of AZ Rider


Elimination Of Motorcycle Emissions In Arizona – Final

printed in 11-2012 edition of AZ Rider Motorcycle News


    Are you ready for the GREATEST NEWS ever, that many of us have been working on for the better part of 10 years? The EPA is about to APPROVE the ADEQ's State Implementation Plan (SIP), requesting the ELIMINATION OF EMISSIONS ON MOTORCYCLES IN MARICOPA COUNTY !!!

    I just got a call from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ), stating the following:

As recently reported, the ADEQ had been expecting a 'Disapproval Notice' from the EPA on the last SIP that they submitted, due to the Revision of Ozone Levels at the federal level. Come to find out that when EPA recently submitted their disapproval draft to their D.C. headquarters for approval, the D.C. office apparently had a change of mind and REVERSAL OF OPINION from the last time they dictated what the EPA was to do.

    According to ADEQ this morning, the D.C. office just told the EPA that they were wrong, and that the EPA was to APPROVE the ADEQ's request for elimination of yearly motorcycle emissions in Maricopa/Pinal County (AREA A). What happens next?

    ADEQ expects the proposed EPA action to be signed this week and published in the Federal Register within 2 weeks. That starts the approximately 30 day Public Comment and EPA response to Public Comment period. Once that is complete, the EPA will sign the final action and then have 2 weeks to publish that in the Federal Register. The entire process should be FINAL and EFFECTIVE 60 days from that time frame. This will make our Revised Arizona Statute become law.

    The ADEQ will be working with Arizona's MVD during that 60 day time frame, to REVISE the registration forms to no longer state the requirement of emissions on those motorcycles registered in AREA A.

    Bottom line is that the elimination of yearly emissions on motorcycles in AREA A should be effective by the end of first quarter of 2013 or before.

    There have been many people involved in this process over the last 10 years. Below is a list of those specific to Motorcycle Lobbyists, State Legislators, ADEQ and MAG:

Motorcycle Lobbyist: Bobbi Hartmann, Carole O'Reilly, Ray Huston, Mick Degn, Billy Larson, Janet Reber, Steve Musgrave, Paul "Skypilot" Price

    State Legislators – Primary Sponsors: Rep Cooley, Rep Gabby Giffords, Rep Chase, Rep Avelar, Rep Brimhall, Rep Blendu, Rep Barnes, Rep Huffman, Rep Jerry Weiers

    Arizona Department Environmental Quality (ADEQ): Nancy Wrona Director (past) Air Quality Division; Ira Domsky Deputy Director (retired) Air Quality Division; Mohan Toopal Technical Researcher; Ginny Dickey Air Quality Division; Jim Buster Lobbyist; Eric Massey Director Air Quality Division; Trevor Baggiore Deputy Director Air Quality Division; Bruce Friedl Air Quality Planning

Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) Lindy Bauer, and staff

Gordon & Darby Testing: Rex A. Martin Waiver Lane Supervisor

     And last, but surely not least, all of the motorcycle riders and members of the many MRO’s, organizations, associations and clubs, that took the time and effort to attend various public hearings and respond in force to the many ‘Calls to Action’ from the lobby team.

     It seems that all of our efforts from 2002 until now, have finally paid off!!

Written By,

Bobbi Hartmann MMA Legislative Researcher-Consultant bobbij2@earthlink.net 602-672-3531







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