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In the years since we launched AZ Rider online, we have accumulated WAY too many biker stories to keep them all available here. At least that's what the pro's say ~ lol. 

So, we are organizing the Archives differently than the old site. 

On this page you’ll find the Did You Know articles, 

Seamless Transition & other Veterans Resources, 

and Past Stories. How far back those will go is still being determined. 

If you are looking for an article & don't see it here, check with us. We'll dig into the Archives & get an e-copy to you. 


Did You Know...?

The information here isn’t necessarily motorcycling-specific BUT it's still good {or at least interesting} to know. 

Some of the stuff we’re discovering about what’s happening to our ‘America the Beautiful’ is simply alarming. 

        Other stuff is just plain cool & the people involved ought to be recognized.

        Either way, we want to present it to as wide an audience as we can.

Feel free to forward and share; with links and credits intact. 

        This is something we have the means to help do, so we are doing it 

Knowledge is power. 

Veterans Resources

From Military To Civilian – A Seamless Transition

When members of the Armed Forces of the United States finish at least one year of their tour of deployment they need to enroll in the Veterans Administration (VA) program to obtain any VA Health Benefits they may be entitled to receive. Service members need to enroll PROMPTLY and do it NOW by following these steps: 

• Obtain a copy of your service medical records prior to discharge. 

Do not take any shortcuts when separating and do this immediately. Any idea of hurrying to get home may cost you time and money should you require VA Healthcare at any time in the future. 

• A veteran has two years, after separation, to apply for medical conditions that are a result of their service in the military. After two years the process becomes more difficult.

 • If you require medical assistance from the VA after separation / discharge, bring with you a copy of your medical records, a copy of your DD-214, and two forms of picture identification.

• Any injury or illness incurred while serving on active duty as a regular, reservist, or Federalized member of the National Guard needs to be noted in your medical records.

Enroll in the VA IMMEDIATELY. Do Not Procrastinate!! 

Know your  rights and your responsibilities. If you are not sure,

ASK-ASK-ASK-ASK-ASK!!! Ensure that your transition is smooth. 

Know what you need to do, and DO IT! 

Join a veterans service organization - American Legion, DAV, Rolling Thunder®, VFW, AMVETS, Marine Corps League, Alliance of Marine Corps Vets, etc. 



Michael DePaulo, COM
National Parliamentarian, Rolling Thunder®, Inc.
Plt. Sgt. USMC, RVN


Additional News Contributors

Motorcycle Profiling Project

Motorcycle Profiling Project

Motorcycle Profiling Project


 The Motorcycle Profiling Project (MPP) is dedicated to the grassroots effort to pass laws addressing profiling and discrimination.  


Motorcycle Profiling Project

Motorcycle Profiling Project


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Motorcycle Safari

Motorcycle Safari

The Biker Nation

Motorcycle Safari

Motorcycle Safari

Motorcycle Safari

Motorcycle Safari

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