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AZ Rider Motorcycle News

Arizona Rider Motorcycle News, Motorcycling news for bikers & enthusiasts

Arizona Rider Motorcycle News, Motorcycling news for bikers & enthusiasts

Arizona Rider Motorcycle News, Motorcycling news for bikers & enthusiastsArizona Rider Motorcycle News, Motorcycling news for bikers & enthusiasts

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Longevity & Commitment


AZ Rider is the longest 

continuously operating motorcycle publication in AriZona, 

Serving the AriZona biker community since 1999

AZ Rider is a MONTHLY publication.


We publish twelve monthly editions of AZ Rider.

A new one each month is uploaded and accessible from our Home page.

Six of those editions are also hard-copy print, 

one every other month. 

In non-print months, a brand new UNIQUE edition is posted with new content for readers.

Production Schedule:

Print & Online Edition ~ Online Only E-dition

January / February  / March / April  / May / June  / 

July / August  / September / October / November / December

An Audience for Every Business


AZ Rider's readers are an audience for ALL types of businesses. 

There are 200,000+ registered motorcycles in Arizona. Their owners come from a wide range of demographics and livelihoods; blue collar to professional. Motorcyclists purchase goods and services on a broad scale, in addition to their need for motorcycle-related products and services.



AZ Rider is distributed throughout AriZona; most thoroughly in the Phoenix & Tucson metropolitan areas; in motorcycle shops, biker bars, and other motorcycle-friendly establishments.. 

AZ Rider online has a loyal and continuously growing readership. 

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Treasures Flea Market

"I have observed a 20% increase in traffic since advertising with AZ Rider Motorcycle News.” 

Nola Atherton, owner,

Treasures Flea Market 8-21-17  

* editor note: Treasures Flea Market is permanently closed, 

as of September 2019. 

Arizona Biker Leathers

"We have been advertising Arizona Biker Leathers in AZ Rider Motorcycle News since 2003. A big 'thank you' to you guys with all your help and support; making sure our ads are being seen and for the articles that you write to promote our business. 

AZ Rider is one of only two publications we get results from. 

We want you to know that we do appreciate your hard work on your end. Thanks."  12-17-2014 

Ann & George ~ Owners,

Arizona Biker Leathers http://arizonabikerleathers.com/

The FTG Group Inc.

“The Go West Choice Hotels network has been advertising in AriZona Rider Motorcycle News since June 2005. We find AZ Rider to be a valuable resource.” 8-21-2013 

David Guzman, CHA – 

The FTG Group Inc., President and Co-Founder;

Marketing buyer for Go West Choice Hotels 

“Let us worry about your business…” www.myftggroup.com

Law Tigers

“I have advertised with Betsy (owner and publisher of AZ Rider) for 10 years. Her dedication to the riders and  the motorcycle industry is evident in everything she does. Her informative publication provides motorcyclists with an invaluable resource. As a result of her extensive and loyal print/online readership, our company (Law Tigers) continuously receives tremendous brand exposure.” 

Posted to LinkedIn 8-6-2011 

Ari Levenbaum, V.P. of Marketing at American Association of Motorcycle Injury Lawyers  

Law Tigers  http://lawtigers.com/

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