Extras ~ Videos we & friends have found around the web

A tribute and thank you to our aging Veterans

This presentation is dedicated to Veterans of WWII & the Veterans of  the Korean War who helped to preserve that victory. 

And finally, a long overdue thank-you to Veterans of the 

Viet Nam War. 

Arizona Tribute

Arizona flag

Follow this link to see a 

beautiful tribute to the 

magnificent State of Arizona, 

by Old Blue Web Designs

Animusic Pipe Dream

Learn more about the Animusic company's creative computer-generated music here: http://www.animusic.com

and the 'Fantastic Machine' 

email hoax by clicking here:  http://www.animusic.com/news/hoax-email.php

Police Pursuit ~ Benny Hill style

91 Freeway and CA-241 

Toll Road in Orange County, California

Can You See Me Now

You Don't Know My Name

Motorcycle Awareness video

created by John Fox

Happy Birthday America

Happy Birthday Tribute 

to America video

"For Our Freedom"


Playing card performer

3-D Artwork

Best of 3D Street Art Illusion - 

Episode 2 


Just For Laughs

We all need to kick back sometimes, take a break, 

and enjoy a good laugh. 

So, we've set up this section ~ Just for Laughs.

We hope you'll add in some of your favorites too.

Click Here for Shits 'n Grins